Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes Properties: Many improvements of basic materials properties can be achieved by
using Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes in polymers and metals as fillers. nanomaterialpowder is constantly optimized to
enable an adjustment of the desired physical and mechanical properties of the final composite product with
extremely low additional quantities of SWCNT. For example, transparent and flexible polymer electrodes, antistatic surface coatings, photovoltaic, sensors and actuators technology as well as printed electronic circuits are possible

Advantages of Nanoshel Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes Properties
Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes properties Very good structural integrity (very low defect density). Outstanding
mechanical properties, far exceeding those of commercially available materials (steel, carbon or agamid fibres).
A fraction of the weight of multi-walled Nanotubes. Outstanding electrical conductivity of metallic Single Wall
Carbon Nanotubes, exceeding the conductivity of copper by a factor of 1000. Semi-conducting SWCNT are ideal
for sensors applications. Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes are entirely »surface«, the characteristics of the
Nanoshel Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes can easily be modified by chemistry or by formation of defects. Single
Wall Carbon Nanotubes by Nanoshel are highly flexible macromolecules, they do not exhibit the high rigidity of
microcrystalline fibres for an asbestos-like behaviour

Nanomaterialpowder Offers Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes properties and are available for delivery in quantities of up to 1
kg in form of dispersions, pastes or powders. The pilot-line existing at Nanoshel for SWCNT synthesis is able to
add new functionalities on the SWCNT within a short time. Upon request, we are able to provide special
qualities, for example, purified and / or doped SWCNT. In addition, Nanoshel offers, scientific support for the
integration of SWCNT in your products, cooperation in research, – support in the introduction of new, products
based on our SWCNT.
We invite you to contact us for Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes information about our company and our
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