Cellulose Nanocrystal

The new super material of the world is “Nanocellulose” which is prepared by any source of cellulose such as wood pulp. The nanocellulose fibrils can be isolated from wood by mechanical methods which applies high shear forces. High-pressure homogenizers, ultrasonic homogenizers grinders or microfluidizers can be used for the preparation of nanocellulose materials. The product can be very light, super-strong and electrically conductive nanomaterials. The applications of nanocellulose are also very exciting due to having these features.

Nano cellulose is one of the nano organic fillers.
Due to the functional groups of nano cellulose structure, some materials can easily connect and display properties.
For example, in nanocelulose-doped plastics, the strength values are greatly increased.
In addition, low density, high aspect ratio and hardness are other properties of the nanocelulose.
Easy to apply due to its chemical structure.
It is widely used in the composite sector. A nanocomposite with a nanocelulose additive can easily stop the gun bullets.
Nanocellulose has low porosity, transparency and low expansion coefficient. Thanks to these features, they can be used in applications such as coating, packaging and barrier.
Nanocellulose is a natural substance and environment friendly.
Nano cellulose can be easily obtained, so that future use is expected to become widespread.

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