Nanoparticle Dispersion with sizes ranging between objects and microparticles (e.g. atom) have attracted much
attention. These particles with various specialized functions not only deepen our understanding of nature, but
also serve as the basis for the development of new advanced technology. The successful application of
nanoparticles depends upon both the synthesis and the surface modification of these particles. Surface
modification can improve the inherent characteristics of the Nanoparticle Dispersion and serve to prepare
nanocomposites inexistent in nature.

Nanoparticle are made from two or more of the solid phase, at least in one dimensional nano-level size (1-100
nm). The solid phase can be amorphous, semi-crystalline, grain, or a combination. The solid phase can also be
organic, inorganic, or a combination. According to the size of the solid phase, nanocomposites generally include
the following three types: Nanoparticle Dispersion and nanoparticle compounds (0-0 composite), Nanoparticle
Dispersion and conventional bulk composites (0-3 composite) and composite nano-films (0-2 composite).

Nano-layered structure material is ascribed to nano-material, and the multi-layer nanocomposite composed of
different materials is also known as nanocomposites. Composite materials own excellent performance, which
can be widely used in aerospace, defense, transportation, sports and other fields. Nanocomposites are one of
the most attractive part of the composite materials. Due to the fast development in recent years, composites are
put in an important position by the developed countries in the development of new materials. The research on
nanocomposites includes organic-inorganic composites, nano-polymer matrix composites and inorganicinorganic composites. In this chapter, combined with our research experience, we mainly introduce the nanopolymer matrix composites to the readers.

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