Aluminum Nanoparticle Purity: 99.9%, Size: 18 nm Metal Basis

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Pure nano aluminum is light, nontoxic and non-sparking. It can be easily formed, machined or cast. It has a silvery appearance and possesses high tensile strength, high thermal conductivity, and excellent corrosion resistance. Weight for weight it is twice as good as a conductor of electricity as copper.

Aluminum Nanoparticle
Purity: 99.9% trace metals basis
Appearance: Black nanopowder
APS: 18 nm
SSA: 40-60 m2
Morphology: spherical
Bulk density: 0.08-0.2 g/cm3
True density: 2.7 g/cm3


Used in the manufacture of automobiles, commercial vehicles, aerospace, marine, railways, containers and packaging, cooking utensils, electronics, electrical transmission wire, telecommunications cable, paint pigment, metallurgy, batteries, energy storage, superconductors, construction industry, etc.

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