1. Wave-absorbing materials: High-performance millimeter wave stealth materials, visible light-infrared stealth materials, structural stealth materials and mobile phone radiation shielding materials;
2. Magnetic paste: It has the characteristics of high saturation magnetization and high permeability, which can be used for fine magnetic head bonding structure;
3. High performance magnetic recording materials: High coercive force, higher specific saturation magnetization, high signal-to-noise ratio and good oxidation resistance, which can greatly improve the performance of magnetic tape and large capacity hard and soft disks;
4. Magnetic fluid: being used for sealing shock absorption, medical devices, sound adjustment, optical display and other fields;
5. Medicine science: Manufacturing targeted drugs for carrying out high concentration of drug therapy on pathological sites with little overall side effect on human body. Suitable for cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases with fixed nidus;
6. Powder metallurgy, mechanical parts manufacturing, anti-wear materials, lubricants and it’s related products development.

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