Nano Hydro Fabric Coating Nano Hydro Fabric Coating: Nano-textiles are an emerging and interesting application of nanotechnology. It involves dealing with nano fibers
at the atomic and molecular levels in order to tweak their properties.

ITO Coating Aircraft Windshields Organic LEDs Solar Panels
ITO Coating ITO Coating: ITO COATED GLASS (Indium tin oxide coated glass) belongs to the group of TCO (transparent conducting oxide) conductive glasses. An ITO glass
has a property of low sheet resistance and high transmittance. It is mostly used in research and development. ITO coated glass substrates are widely used to
organic/inorganic heteroju…

Metal Foils Copper Aluminum Brass Nickel Stainless Steel
METAL FOILS Metal Foils: A foil is a very thin sheet of metal, usually made by hammering or rolling. Foils are most easily made with malleable metals, such as
aluminium, copper, tin, and gold. Foils usually bend under their own weight and can be torn easily. The more malleable a metal, the thinner foil can be made with it. Foil is
commonly us…

Pellet Chips Metal Balls High Purity Worldwide Shipping
PELLET CHIPS METAL BALLS Pellet Chips Metal Balls: Pallets, in general, pellets have a shape known as diabolo which means that the front and rear sections are of larger
diameter than the middle. One reason for this is to reduce the friction that would result if more of the pellet made contact with the barrel. Even though some air guns are
rather p…

Quantum Dots Solar Cells Transistors LEDs Medical Imaging
QUANTUM DOTS AND ITS APPLICATIONS A quantum dot gets its name because it’s a tiny speck of matter so small that it’s effectively concentrated into a single point (in
other words, it’s zero-dimensional). As a result, the particles inside it that carry electricity (electrons and holes, which are places that are missing electrons) are trapped

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