Nano compound In area of nanotechnology, noble Boron Nitride nano particles (NPs) have played an important
role in development of new bio sensors and/or in the enhancement of existing bio sensing techniques to fulfill
the demand for more specific and highly sensitive bio molecular diagnostics. The unique physicochemical
properties of such metals at the nano scale have led to the development of a wide variety of biosensors, such as:
(i) nano biosensors for point of care disease diagnosis, (ii) nano probes for in vivo sensing/imaging, cell tracking
and monitoring disease pathogenesis or therapy monitoring and (iii) other nanotechnology-based tools that
benefit scientific research on basic biology. In fact, Nano Compound are, in general, one of the most common
nanotechnology-based approaches for developing biosensors, due to their simplicity, physic-chemical
malleability and high surface areas

Nano compound on their size and composition we can observe peculiar properties, such as quantum
confinement in semiconductor nanocrystals, surface Plasmon resonance in some metal NPs and super para
magnetism in magnetic materials. Noble metal NPs, in particular gold and silver NPs, are among the most
extensively studied Nanomaterials and have led to the development of numerous techniques and methods for
molecular diagnostics, imaging, drug delivery and the rapeutics. Most of their unique physicochemical
properties at the nanoscale, such as Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR), have been explored for the
development of new biosensors. This review will focus on these unique physicochemical properties of noble
metal NPs that have thus far been explored for the development of new highly sensitive and specific bio sensing
techniques, favouring those that have already been successfully tested with biological samples.

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