1. High efficiency combustion improver agent: Greatly improve the rocket solid fuel combustion efficiency and combustion speed, reduce the pressure index, improve the combustion stability.Significantly increase the blasting force of explosives;
2. Activated sintering additive: Put the 5-10% nano aluminum powder into the AlN to significantly reduce the sintering temperature and improve the density and thermal conductivity of the sintered body;
3. Metal and non-metal surface conductive coating treatment: Due to the high surface activity of nano aluminum, the coating layer can be made at a temperature lower than the melting point of powder in the absence of oxygen, this technology can be applied to the production of microelectronic devices;
4. Producing the conductive film layer and polishing paste, etc.;
5. For high-grade metal pigment, composite materials, aerospace, chemical industry, metallurgy (Al-thermit method and deoxidizer), ship-building (conductive coating), refractory material (magnesium carbon bricks), new building materials and anti-corrosive materials, etc.

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