Aluminum nanopowder has seen a flurry of research interest in recent years, as potential applications across a host of fields become apparent. Appearing as spherical grey or black particles individually and a grey or black powder in aggregate, aluminum nanopowder particles typically ranging in size from 10nm to 5um.You can obtain aluminum nanopowders in a variety of specifications at SSNano, meeting your needs for various sizes, shapes, and purities. With so many potential applications already found and more under research, aluminum or another nanopowder may be the solution for the issues plaguing your project.


Aluminum Al) Nanopowder Applications

Combustive catalyst: When combined with other substances, aluminum powder serves as an excellent catalyst for combustion, greatly improving the speed, heat, and stability of combustion in rocket fuel and other fuels. Burn rates can be increased by as much as 20 times with the application of the right nanopowder.

Drug delivery:As with many nanoparticles, aluminum nanopowder plays a role in a variety of new drug delivery systems, including dry aerosol and transdermal delivery.

Wear and corrosion resistance:Aluminum powders can be added to a number of coatings or included in compounds to increase resistence to general wear and corrosion. In particular, it can be used to produce transparent wear-resistant coatings.

Chemical applications:Aluminum nanopowder is widely used for its chemical properties to produce controlled reaction rates for manufacturing aluminum-based chemicals, alcohols, and other substances. Deodorants and antiperspirants are one key product group utilizing this application.

Metallic pigments:Aluminum powder can be added to any number of coatings, paints, textiles, inks, plastics, and other materials to add a silver metallic sheen, making it a popular aesthetic addition in automotives, electronics, and other industries.

3D printing:Building upon the base usage of aluminum in metalworking to produce useful alloys, some industrial 3D printing solutions can utilize aluminum nanopowders to fabricate alloy components directly.


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