Nanotechnology is one of the most important tools in modern agriculture, and agri-food nanotechnology is
anticipated to become a driving economic force in the near future. Clay containing soils are considered to be
precious due to their nutrient rich nature and water retaining properties. Liquid Nanoclay has been developed as
a solution to these problems and a hopeful process to transform poor-quality sandy soils into high-yield
agricultural land. Liquid nanoclay is obtained by creating a dispersion of clay nanoflakes in aqueous media
through a patented mixing process which includes creating subsequent laminar and turbulent flow conditions.
Liquid nano clay are recognized as promising advanced materials due to their superior properties, such as
enhanced density, strength, relatively large surface areas, high elastic modulus.

Liquid Nano Clay Application

Liquid Nano Clay is created in a mixing process of clay and water patented by Desert Control.
Liquid Nano Clay is mixed, on site, where it will be used, using only water and clay
Liquid Nano Clay is a purely natural product with no chemical additives.
Liquid Nano Clay plant disease diagnostics/ Control.
Liquid Nano Clay nano-formulations of agrochemicals for applying pesticides and fertilizers for
crop improvement
Liquid Nano Clay used for delivery of pesticides encapsulated in nanomaterials for controlled

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