Graphene Flexible Electronics   Recent  advances  in  ultrathin  electronic  devices  have broadened  the 
scope  of  flexible/stretchable  electronics 

Nanotechnology in Agriculture
Nanotechnology in Agriculture   Technical innovation in agriculture is of extreme importance, in particular to address global challenges such as population growth,
climate change and the limited availability of important plant nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium. Nanotechnology applied to agricultural production could play
a fundamental…

Polymer Nanocomposites
Polymer nanocomposites Nanocomposites are composites in which at least one of the phases shows dimensions in the nanometer range. These are high performance
materials that exhibit unusual property combinations and unique design possibilities and are thought of as the materials of the 21st century. With an estimated annual
growth rate of about 25% a…

Nanotechnology in Sports Equipment
Nanotechnology in Sports Equipment With the ever-growing development of new technologies, sports cannot go together without technology. The sports industry
is getting better day by day by leveraging several areas. The sports industry also deals with the smallest things called ‘Nanotechnology’ across the globe.
Nano Technology: This…

Gold Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment
Gold Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment Nanotechnologies can be defined as the design, characterization, production, and application of structures, devices and systems
by controlling shape and size at a nanometer scale. In medicine, most interest is in the use of nanoparticles to enhance drug delivery with interest also in-vitro diagnostics,
novel …

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