Aluminium metal foam Application Aluminium metal foam Application is a cellular structure consisting of a solid metal as we as a large volume fraction of gas filled
pores. Foam structure are both durable and lightweight with a large surface area to volume ratio.

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Aluminium Nanoparticles Application Nanotechnology Aluminium Nanoparticles Application: Continuous research program are performing in the world for the
development of the new materials in future. Aluminium Nanoparticles research is an area of strong scientific interest due to the variety of application in electronic optical
and biomedical fields….

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Gold Dispersions Gold Dispersions (GNPs) offer a great possibility for biomedical application, not only to pharmaceutics approaches, but also as novel diagnostic and
therapeutic approaches. One of the important concerns is about their safety in clinical applications. Gold Metal Dispersion size has been shown to be an extremely
important parameter .

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Gold Metal Nanoparticles Gold Metal Nanoparticles: Nanotechnology offers unique approaches to probe and control a variety of biological and medical processes that
occur at nanometer scales, and is expected to have a revolutionary impact on biology and medicine. Gold Nanoparticles have, definition ane or more dimension in the
nanometer scale <10…

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Boron Nitrate Nanotechnology More recently, they have been used in various materials science applications. Nanomaterials have, by definition , one or more dimension in
the nanometer <100nm range and subsequently show novel properties from their bulk materials. In recent years nanopaticles have been the center of attention. Boron
Nitrate Boro…

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